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ConASCII is free, you may copy and give it to others.
Creates Text based Screens for PBCC ,  PBDOS, FreeBasic Console,  QBdos/Qbasic, GWbasic Basic  programs and also Atom.

Has Drop Down Menu for Mouse selections.

Has Bottom Tool Bar with fast Copy, Cut, Color, Paste, Edit.

Has Quick color change on the Tool Bar plus a click on Color Chart.
There is 99 Screens of working space in  Conascii and they can be scrolled  down and Up using the arrow keys or pageup and pagedown.
The many screens can be used for loading  many premade screens that can be copied, or parts of, into the screen you are building.
Generates Code for storing screens in String.
Generates Code to display screens  for PBCC and DOS Basics.

Generates ANSI Files that displays in DOSbox using the TYPE command.
Puts Screens  in Include Files with its declares for PBCC and FreeBasic Console.
Easy change Lines drawing on Tool Bar for fast selecting of different lines. The lines makes their own connections when you cross over another line, even of a different type.  Added recently where you can  selected an area and then click on Line Tool and it will draw the current line showing on Tool Bar around that area.
One Help Screen contains Christian content, You will have to click on the menu to view it. 

Will create  end user Color Controlled Screens for PBCC, PBDOS and QB
Newer Text Screen capture programs is located in the Download area.
ConASCII  now Support ATOM by Rick Clark  in 1.4 version.
ConASCII now Supports FreeBasic text screens in 1.5
Conascii now supports Include file editing for PBCC and FreeBasic
A Tutorial for 2.0 is now available for download below.
A Mouse Tool tutorial is available on this site, click on Mtutor above.
Now Generates Subs that uses PB's XPRINT and GRAPHIC PRINT

Includes a ReadMe program that reads a help file with an index that was created by Conascii.

Download ConASCII ver 3.1

Download ConASCII ver 3.0

Download ConASCII ver 2.9

Download Conascii 2.0 Tutor

Download ConASCII for DOSBox or DOS

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                                         H  I S T O R Y
 Date                                         FIXED/ADDED

4/2/2011                   3.1 version Compatible with PBCC60 compiler.  API Include files are different.

                                  A choice button was added in 3.1 to select which Launcher to choice.

2/24/2011                 Fixed Save to Include file  from showing ANSI Characters in version 3.0.
                                 Just download  New copy of version 3.0

2/19/2011                 Added ANSI file generator back to Conascii. These files only works in DOS or Dosbox

10/31/2010               Cleaned large screen change garbage. Added cls to F11

10/26/2010               Changed POP files Loading and Saving format.

10/26/2010               Fixed  > 99 columns Popfile saving and loading

10/22/2010              Tab Key no longer displays Drop Down Menu, it interfered with SAVEAS 

10/22/2010              Fixed cursor row location after Bsave

10/22/2010              Fixed POP/Bsave SaveAS menu selection

10/21/2010               Changed the ESC key clearing of the Arrow Keys of line Characters.

10/14/2010               Switched clipboard text from oemtext to text

09/08/2010               Added Console setup for BSAVE according to numbers in Filename.

09/08/2010               Fixed included Doc readme program's Pageup & Pagedown

09/06/2010               Added a better Visible selector band.

09/06/2010               Added an ASM Launcher.

08/08/2010               Corrected font points for XPRINT & Graphic Print

08/08/2010               New version for Download
10/12/2007               Added Perfect Sync's CWC program
09/27/2007               Fixed Mouse Tool SelectCase/Ucase$ output
09/24/2007               Repaired Mouse Tool for making mouse senitive menus
09/23/2007               Added 1 Undo and Ascii chart to bottom bar
06/22/2007               Added Line drawing using
                               Selector tool & clicking on lines
                               on the bottom bar.
01/08/2007              Added different type of selector
01/08/2007              Added more client area
01/08/2007              Added version 2.0 and Tutor for it
12/24/2006              Added editing Include files
04/29/2006              Replaced startup screen.
04/29/2006              Added FB .BI support
04/22/2006              Fixed broken code changes in Freebasic 16
04/09/2005              Added Raised and Sunken Boxes to Menu  V1.6
03/07/2005              Added save to Clipboard support for FreeBasic
04/23/2004              Added   refuse  Screen Launcher for Atom's code
04/22/2004              Fixed 25 line full screen roll up in Atom screen code.
04/21/2004             Added support for ATOM in version 1.4