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JaxGui will not work in FullScreen Mode, only Window Mode. It will adjust to Window Mode.
JaxGUI's  main function is to make SDK style examples for PBCC.


If you need some Window SDK examples to look at, you might give JaxGUI a try.
If you need something to develope with, I would suggest one of the commercial brands. This is only something to look at and play with. But if you wish to you can use it. Do it at your own risk.
To Make it easy to follow, maybe do a parent and one control. You can see how Text is retrieved from controls and how selections are detected for ListBoxes, ComboBoxes, Radio Buttons and Checkboxes.
JaxGUI supports Instant Preview if it is unzipped into the compilers directory.
JaxGUI supports Instant Code View, using ccedit, Jfishpro, or NotePad.
There is a Christian content selection in the program's Help Menu, you have to click on it to view it.
To run the Program, click on Jaxgui with the black screen Icon, which should setup your console to  a window and select bitmap font and then run the program. Running in a window is required for JaxGUI to display correctly.
This is was new software, if you find any bugs,  let me know at this address:    fieldenja@yahoo.com

DownLoad JaxGUI version 3

Download Manual/Tutor

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11-24-07   Fixed wrong menu selection numbers in Popups while clicking on Enter on the box. Enter Key didn't do it.
11-19-07    Added RightClick and Button Launched PopUp Menus
09-17-07    Replaced  %color_menu + 1   with  %color3d_face + 1
09-16-07    Added Gradient fills to Parent and Rectangle menus
09-16-07    Added more prewritten menu items for the Menu Maker. When you append menu items like Undo, Copy, Cut, Paste or Clear, you will get supporting code generated to the WM_Command Case block. Open, Save and Exit has already been supported in previous version.