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Ruff-In helps in creating Graphic windows by placing PowerBasic's  Graphics Objects any location using a PBCC  console grid. If you don't have something already, maybe this can help a little.

As of now, it works with PBCC50, PBwin90, PBCC40, PBwin80.  

Ruff-in is available for Download below.  Its Freeware and use at your own Risk. Jerry Fielden won't be held responsible for any damages.  

The objects are sized according to area selected on the consol grid with the mouse.

Starting point of a line is achieved by clicking in one spot twice when doing Angled lines, completing the angled line with Line Step, which take two clicks in one spot also.

A Horizontal lines is posible when clicking one row of dots, any length, on the Console Grid.

A Vertical line is posible when selecting one column of dots, on the console grid.

Two Menus with buttons is provided. Left menu is for black outlined objects with white background. Nothing more can be done with it after selecting its area.

The right menu provides property changes for most objects. One property menu has a background/fill color button, a Forground/RGB type button, A style button for hatched line fills, and ten border/line width buttons, and a Points/sides/corner number button. Not all objects are affected by everything on this property Menu.

After going through the property menu, most objects can be adjusted up, down, left, right in a Move menu where you select Accept if you don't want a move and Accept after moving. A preview button lets you check positioning before and after making moves. 

This program does not have to be placed in the compiler directory for preview to work anymore.

Once you select accept, its locked in, it can't be moved by using the Menus anymore. It can be moved in the Generated Code, or in the Saved RIN text file.

You can save your uncompleted Graphic Screens to a Text file. It can be edited with a text Editor.

Arc and Pie has an extra menu where you can select 8 different buttons that lets you draw 1/8th of a circle all the way up to 7/8th of a circle and full. Clicking twice on any button would draw a full circle. There's also a center button that you can click on to enter your own numbers. 

Arc can be used for making rounded corners for lines. The move menu can be used for connecting ARCs to lines and Lines to Arcs.

Even though it won't be good for making cartoons, it might be better than nothing for placing PB's Graphic Objects on the Graphic window without having to try out all those numbers for placements.

Also included is Don Schullian's Polygon and Star graphic objects for resizing and placements. Points and sides selection is supported. Some changes in the numbers was made to support a 5 point star. 


This is a Beta version. Run the included Readme3.exe program to view the Docs, since the F1 menu is not very complete. Its not very well written, but it might help you some.

There is Christian content in the Main F1 help Menu.

Download Ruffin Beta ver7 for PBCC5

Download Ruffin Beta ver05 for PBwin9

Download Ruffin beta ver05 for PBCC4

Download Ruffin beta ver05 for PBwin8

Email  \\fieldenja// \\at//  \\yahoo.com//

The picture below will be the grid and button menus used in Ruff-in. 

The Left Menu is for selections to be placed on the grid that don't need property changes.

Right menu is for Properties such as changing Colors, Font, Entering Polygon Sides Number, Number of Star Points, Rectangle Corner numbers, Hatch Fill style number and clicking on Line width buttons.

The Grid is tall because it takes  that much grid to fill up a paper in portrait mode for the printer.

Under the Grid is 3 graphic window examples created by Ruff-IN. 

I wouldn't recommend doing Drawings like the Lattes below. The reason that it was so hard, is that all the lines was at 45 degree angles and the Console Grid isn't set up in perfect row column sizes. Even though it moves the starting & ending points of the lines, it doesn't do it on the grid. The grid starts to look pretty messy. Also, the grid dots are not close enough together. 

Menu & Grid for Ruff-In


This is a picture of the program's window grid.

This is the Window the above Grid created.

Picture formed by Ruff-in's generated output.
Ruff-in was a big help in forming this picture

Every Line & Line Step was at a 45 degree angle
I couldn't have done it without Ruff-in's Move Menu

Another easy one with the help of Move Menu.
Stars are slightly re-done Don Schullian's PD Examples



Not easy, but not impossible to do with Ruff-in. Ruff-in is not quite setup to do something like this.


02/28/11   Added Move to Back  Button to  MoveMenu in PBwin9 and PBCC5 versions of Ruffin

02/28/11   Fixed to where you can't select wrong button in Properties menu.

01-16-11   Fixed Line Step from automatically changing to Default size 2. I caused that fixing something else

01/14/11    Fixed missing Default Border/line width after creating a line.

01/14/11    Added Arrow keys use in Move Menu.  Works with Objects and Lines.

01/14/11    Fixed Paint to fill Graphics using ARCs

01/14/11     Fixed ARC/PIE Menu that had wrong numbers. 

01/02/11     Added versions for PBwin8 and PBCC4

12/26/10     Changed to work from any directory.
                    Fixed addStr display dupes.

12/25/10     Added PBwin9 version

12/24/10    Fixed  Addstr loading two sub & end sub.