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                                  The Great Escape
This PBCC compiled program give you a chance to solve a puzzle that moves 3 Crooks and 3 Mounties across a river using a two man boat.

The Great Escape Puzzle

CapTxFil will capture a Text Screen in the Dos Prompt program and save it to a binary file with a .BNY extention. It also writes a seperate INC file for PBCC or a Basic file for PBDOS or QuickBasic which will call and display these screen from the .BNY file.

Download CapTxFil.ZIP

Captxinc, like Captxfil is a Memory Resident program that is loaded before you run your DOS program in the windows DosPrompt program. It doesn't Save the Screen to a Binary file like Captxfil does, it puts the Screen in a String in a Include file for PBCC or a Basic file for PBDOS or QB.
Although it will take a little more memory to contain these screens in an EXE, they will be compressed along with the EXE.

Download CapTxInc.zip